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Michael New Mercenary....or American Soldier??

Michael New
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New's Flash!
21 March 2007

Supreme Court to decide whether to hear
Michael New's case soon!

(District of Columbia) - The US Government finally got it's brief filied with the Supreme Court after two extensions of time, on March 20. We have ten days, and with the long weekend, until 2 April to file our Reply, but it won"t take that long.

You may view the Government's Brief on our website at as the latest entry under Legal Documents. Our Reply will be posted as soon as it is available.

We'll try to have a commemntary upon the government's case up on-line soon.

If four Justices vote "YES", then our case will be scheduled for Oral Auguments. If fewer than four, then our legal fight for the sovereignty of our military and our nation may be at an end.

Thank you all for your prayers and your support in all ways, many of you for a over a decade. We now have a new generation to educate.

Daniel & Suzanne New
Former SPC Michael New
Michael New Action Fund
National Action Forum

Real Americans don't wear U.N. blue!

(Donations are not tax-deductible, but they sure will make you feel good! :c)



Daniel New -
Dr. Herbert Titus -

Government gets another extension in Michael New case

(Washington) - The Supreme Court has granted the Justice Department a new extension, that they may be prepared to file their brief in the case of former Army Specialist Michael New.  This is the government's second request for an extension of time.  According to Daniel New, Project Manager for the Michael New Legal Defense Fund, "It's easy to see why the government is unprepared.  They've spent eleven years treating this case with contempt and arrogance.  Now, for the first time, they have suddenly realized they are going to have to produce some serious legal work in order to defend the total abuse of justice that they have practiced for over a decade." 

At issue in this court is the Standard of Review, along with the twin issue of Due Process.  Spc. New was court-martialed in 1996, and was denied permission to introduce evidence in his own defence that would have proven that the United Nations uniform that he was ordered to wear was unauthorized; that the chain of command under a Finnish general officer was unconstitutional; and that the deployment itself to Macedonia was illegal.  The Army merely ruled that "evidence is not a fundamental element of the defence."  That decision was upheld by the Army Court of Criminal Appeals, and by the Court of Appeals of the Armed Forces.  Not being allowed to present evidence in his own defence, and acting with orders of the judge, the panel (jury) found him guilty in fifteen minutes.  It has not been so easy to make him go away since that time.

The brief filed by Michael New's attorneys can be found
here.  The amicus curiae ("friend of the court") brief filed by the National Institute of Military Justice in support of Michael New may be found here

Should the Supreme Court grant Oral Arguments, after reviewing this case some time around May of this year, those arguments will probably be set for the Fall Session. 

After Oral Arguments, the Supreme Court can uphold the lower courts' rulings, or they can remand the issue back to any lower court for an argument on the merits of the case - something that has not yet happened in nearly a dozen years.

The ultimate issue is the question of whether U.S. citizend can be forced to serve in a military capacity under a foreign power, against their will, having taken an exclusive Oath of Allegiance to support and defend the Constitution of the United States. 

Constitutional attorney, Dr. Herbert W. Titus of Virginia, contends, "It is nothing less than a bait-and-switch tactic to recruit young people to serve their country, and then switch them over to serve, and perhaps die in service to the United Nations."  Titus is lead counsel on the legal team arguing Spc. New's case before the Supreme Court.

- 30 -

Real Americans don't wear U.N. blue!

See what other veterans have to say about Michael New's stand, and if you're a veteran, add your name:

Veterans organizations have also spoken on this subject:

Offer still stands:  Every person currently in uniform, and as yet to be in uniform, can be impacted by this ruling.  For that reason, all any active duty or reserve military personnel have to do is go to the website and request a free copy of the book, MICHAEL NEW - Mercenary... or American Soldier?
[New Book]



The Average military recruit today is 18.  When Army Specialist Michael New was court-martialed for wanting to serve his own country, exclusively, that recruit was only nine years old!  Most military personell today have never heard of Michael New.  And yet... his case (still pending in the courts) can will affect the career of many, if not most of them. 
If you know someone in the military today, or someone approaching recruiting age, they need to know this story -- it is directly related to an Oath of Allegiance they are going to take, and a few years from now, some Globalist President is going to order them to violate that oath.  How will they handle it?  A lot better, if they know ahead of time the history of what is going to happen to them.   Ignorance is not bliss.  Ignorance is a formula for disaster.
We have tools to dispel the ignorance. 

MICHAEL NEW -- Mercenary...or American Soldier, a book designed to stand the test of time, with many footnotes and appendices for documentation proving the illegality of President Clinton's order to force US Soldiers to serve under a General from Finland.  Retail price is $5.

GOOD CONDUCT - The Story of Michael New, a 30 minute documentary which has introduced the story to classrooms around the country, from schools to Sunday Schools to Army training schools (no kidding!).  Retail $20.

STANDING STRONG -- Against All Enemies, a full color illustrated book, written by Hal Jones, Army veteran and outstanding artist.  All pictures are original water-color paintings - a coffee table quality book, but it won't be for long, after the kids keep reading it over and over!  Retail $15.
Order both books and the documentary video for only $30, and get this poster free.  You don't do posters?  Well, kids do.  And we're talking about educating the next generation to the dangers they will face.  These tools will do it.
Send $30 and get all three items, postage paid.

Michael New Action Fund (MNAF)
P.O. Box 100
Iredell, Texas 76649

NOTICE:  A FREE copy of the book, MICHAEL NEW -- Mercenary... or American Soldier?, for any person on active or reserve military duty, including National Guard units.  Just give your name and rank and where you're currently serving.  We'll ship it to any address you request, at no charge, and in a plain wrapper to avoid questions.  We'll send you the "military edition", which looks on the outside like the Army FTM given out at boot camp.  (It is theoretically possible to get a promotion, if you are seen reading this book by the right officers! :c) 

"The willingness with which our young people are likely

to serve in any war, no matter how justified,

shall be directly proportional to how they perceive

veterans of earlier wars were treated and

appreciated by our nation."

George Washington